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Recommendations for Steve

A sample of recommendations from LinkedIn and 360º feedback.

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360º feedback document, commissioned for Steve's executive coaching.

Global Director of IT Project/Scrum Management at The Workshop

Steve Syder is without a doubt the best leadership professional I have ever worked with. As a functional leader with diverse programme delivery experience, Steve’s pragmatic and thoughtful approach ensures even the most complex projects are delivered efficiently, on time, and on budget. As a strategic leader, Steve’s ability to assess consequence 12, 24 or even 48 months out was a constant (and welcome) surprise. Finally, as a direct report of Steve’s for over a year, I can testify that the coaching, mentoring, and overall personal development from Steve is second to none. Steve is an unquestionable asset to any team he leads.

September 2016

Mark Partridge

Mark reported to Steve at The Workshop


I've had the pleasure of working with Steve in two different companies and he's always been the voice of reason, taking a pragmatic approach to the issues we've faced. Having been one of Steve's reports I can say he always backs his own, doing a great job to defend and promote. September 2016

Stuart Pegg

Stuart worked indirectly for Steve at The Workshop


Director of Professional Services at OpenBet

During his time at OpenBet Steve transformed the project management discipline and imposed cohesion and structure where previously there was little commonality of approach. He established a clear career path for project managers and facilitated the establishment of a project management community. His achievements have delivered real benefit to the organisation as a whole. June 2014

Karen Brown

reported to Steve at OpenBet


Steve Syder joined OpenBet at a time when the project management function were undergoing a major upheaval in the different divisions of the company. He has successfully built a single project management community spanning across the different divisions. With his strong APM experience and knowledge, Steve has implemented clear competencies for different career levels and also promoted implementation of standard project management methodologies. He has also implemented new processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Casino division which spanned beyond project management. I am grateful for Steve's leadership and guidance which has provided me with support and a mentor during challenging circumstances. He always gives his best as well as encourages and brings out the best in his team. It will be a pleasure to work with him again in the future. June 2014

Sruthi Tharakan

reported to Steve at OpenBet


Steve achieved an enormous amount during his time at OpenBet, transforming a disparate group of project managers into a coherent community, and bringing a focus on career progression that had previously been lacking. By introducing a standard project management methodology, he achieved a consistent approach to project management that had eluded the organisation for many years. I very much appreciate his support and career guidance, and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again in the future. June 2014

Chris Pitcher

reported to Steve at OpenBet


Steve is one of the most impressive Senior Managers I've known. His depth and breadth of knowledge in Project Management is simply incredible and his ability to set up robust PM processes with impeccable accuracy is a rare combination of skills that can only help set high standards of Project Management wherever required. He'll always be a very valuable asset for every company he works for. June 2014

Varun Punjabi

worked indirectly for Steve at OpenBet


Steve, as the Head of Professional Services, was more than a pleasure for myself working closely with him. His assistance, guidance and mentoring during my first months of enrolment at OpenBet was of great help. Very knowledgeable, professional by all means, keeping core values like ethics & honesty at the top. Very quick with his reactions / responses, always trying to find time when someone asked for his attention. He won the respect of the OB Professional Services Community in a very short period of time. He is a valuable asset at any organization. June 2014

Varun Punjabi

worked indirectly for Steve at OpenBet


Steve has been truly an inspirational leader, the profound changes he made to OpenBet has brought our project management professionalism to a new level. His openness and decisiveness towards the toughest culture challenge we were facing have earned our trust and respect. 
Even the thick glasses he is wearing cannot stop his wisdom and genuineness shining through : ) June 2014

Shan Shan Wang

worked indirectly for Steve at OpenBet


It's been a pleasure to work with Steve both in this and in my previous role. 
Always helpful and knowledgeable, always ready to take the time to listen and offer good advice, and always determined to do the best job, he has been a real positive force. 
Straightforward and reliable, able to distill both meaning and a plan from quantities of data, Steve is also a good organiser and a skilled troubleshooter. 
Friendly, personable and an adept communicator, Steve would bring real problem-solving expertise and solid experience to any team. June 2014

Tracey Annison

worked with Steve at OpenBet


Steve brought clarity, knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm to creating the PMO at OpenBet. His drive and commitment to project management and it's value to the business really inspired the PM's to take pride in our work and identify efficiencies to be made. He then empowered us to make changes, and fully supported the process. He lead the transformation from an ad-hoc structure to something that was collaboratively designed and had full buy in from the PM community and senior management. 

As a people manager, I found him warm, compassionate, focused and a great mentor; he will be greatly missed. June 2014

Pippa Jones

reported to Steve at OpenBet


Steve joined OpenBet at a time when the Project Management function needed direction and purpose. Steve brought with him a wealth of experience and quickly began make a difference by structuring the project management competencies, introducing a structured Project Management Methodology on which to base the PMO and creating a clear and unambiguous reporting structure. 
Steve had a significant impact on my career through strong line management, great advise, coaching and encouragement. I have grown significantly since Steve joined OpenBet and that is thanks to his belief and excellent management style. Steve will be sorely missed. June 2014

Terry Buckle

reported to Steve at OpenBet


Working with Steve was a real education. His breadth of Project Management experience was second to none and by imparting this wisdom he was able to make an immediate impact on the PM group at OpenBet. 
Steve's impact was immediate - understanding our many complex processes and interactions almost instantly and able to find ways to change and improve the way we worked was paramount to our successes. 

What impressed me most about Steve, was his ability to challenge old thinking and make clear, effective decisions very quickly, enabling change for the good. 
Steve was also able to create a collaborative PM community, which helped shape the future of project management within OpenBet. A legacy which I hope remains after Steve's departure. July 2014

Rob Delplanque

worked indirectly for Steve at OpenBet


“Efficient, well organised and responds quickly - avoids wasting people''s
time chasing him for answers. Communication is succinct, frank, and to
the point which saves time and leaves people in no doubt where they
stand. A rare OpenBet manager who gives positive feedback as well as
criticism, this boosts confidence and uses positive reinforcement.” Anonymous direct report, Feb , 2014

“Negotiating and presenting change: His approach of presenting issue,
then the vision of the goal to strive for before presenting the way to reach
the goal helps get buy in from various levels of management as he would
already have the agreement for issues and goal. Good Leadership: Has
brought project management in OpenBet together.” Anonymous direct report, Feb , 2014

“Bold - Not afraid to make changes and not afraid if this makes him
unpopular with a few people. Steve has put in place changes that others
have been trying to implement for some time. Proactive - Steve gets stuff
done and won''t sit on things he doesn't like. Influential - He is adept at
building consensus within the company. Perceptive - He is quick to spot
weaknesses in others and understand their motives. Good at managing
himself - He uses his time effectively and will cut corners where
appropriate to get things done. Definitely not one to dither with uncertainty. Good at managing upwards - He holds significant influence with upper management..” Anonymous peer, Feb , 2014

“Steve is dedicated, pro-active and a strong communicator. This allows him to present a strong and compelling vision that is bought into by individuals.
He provides a clear and supportive framework to improve individuals
working for him. He is passionate about implementing best practices and
engages with people across the company.
Experience, professionalism and a genuine interest in his field, means that what he says is taken seriously by those around him.” Anonymous peer, Feb , 2014

“Steve is an enabler and gives people under him the chance to contribute and grow. Most importantly he understands the importance of building personal relationships with people around him. Steve is a firm but fair manager, which is a required in a company such as OpenBet. Probably his biggest asset to OpenBet is his ability to identify issues and then install processes which simplify or streamline things.” Anonymous "Other, Feb , 2014


Business Programme Manager at Blue Square Bet

“Steve was impressive from day one. Abley making use of the vast and varied experience he's gained over the years. Capable of strong, decisive communication at every level of the program. Steve's greatest asset is possibly his ability to genuinely listen before bringing to bear the experience he has. A pleasure to work with; hopefully I will again.” April 11, 2013

Neil Dare Williams

worked directly with Steve as UX designer / Information Architect / Experience Architect


"I greatly enjoyed my time working with Steve. If I had any questions project or business wise and needed clarity on matters he was the go to guy. He's a talented individual that seems to have a great flair for communicating between large numbers of people and across multiple companies whilst remaining calm and in control of matters when it's most necessary. I hope to work with Steve again in the future." March 6, 2013

Joe Burton

reported to Steve as Lead Front-end Developer

Programme Manager at Camelot

“Steve is a great mentor, he is always willing and available to help me in my project management career and also with the job applications I make.” July 20, 2009

Top qualities: Expert , On Time , High Integrity

Tosin Olafare 

hired Steve as a Project Management Mentor in 2009 , and hired Steve more than once


“Steve is an accomplished programme director who managed and extremely complex project for my main client, Camelot. His most recent assignment was the portfolio management of two major programmes - one establishing Camelot's strategic initiatives roadmap for the next three years and a second comprising projects to deliver those initiatives, particularly in relation to Camelot's digital channels (web, Sky TV, smart phones). While working with Steve, I found that he was extremely, extremely professional, incredibly capable and an asset to my business.” June 30, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Tony Watson 

hired Steve as a IT Consultant in 2007 , and hired Steve more than once


“As a Project Manager I reported to Steve during his time as Programme Manager at Camelot. I found Steve to be an extremely professional, enthusiastic, communicative, and strategic but delivery-oriented Programme Manager. It was clear throughout our time working together that he has a vast breadth of experience of, and expertise in, large programme delivery and rescue.” June 25, 2009

Richard Aldington , Project Manager , Camelot Group PLC 

reported to Steve at Camelot

“I've known Steve professionally for over five years. In all my time of dealing with him I’ve found him to be courteous and a consummate professional. I wouldn't hesitate in putting Steve forward for any role that he had a suitable skill set match for.” March 24, 2009

James McNicol , Consultant , Sanderson plc 

was a consultant or contractor to Steve at Various companies


“I placed Steve Syder in his first contract with BT in 1992, and he remained there for five successful years. Steve is a model professional, always going that extra mile for his clients, and it is no wonder he has forged such a successful career as a freelance Programme Manager. He is extremely conscientious, thinks corporately and is an excellent bridge between the business and technicians. I heartily recommend Steve to anyone who needs the best in programme management.” July 7, 2008

Stuart Wilson , Business Development Director , Parity Resources 

was a consultant or contractor to Steve at BT


Programme Director at DTI

“Steve is an extremely diligent and calm individual. Steve used these qualities to good effect when we worked together on an EDRM implementation at DTI. The project had some rough times and Steve succesfully steered the customer through this time and on to a successful deployment whilst maintaining good and fair relations with the suppliers in order to resolve the project issues. It was refreshing to work with Steve who immediately understood the need to for customer and supplier to work in partnership to resolve project issues and conflicts. Steve contributed significantly to the successful outcome of the project.” November 5, 2009

Paul Ashton , Senior Project Manager , Hewlett-Packard 

was a consultant or contractor to Steve at DTI


“Steve performed his role perfectly. With him being Customer and Board facing, and doing the job very well, I was protected from these aspects which let me get on my role. The management of the supplier was perfectly delegated to me. Steve is very adaptable in his management style. On the project I saw Steve manage at arms length on some subjects and micro manage others. I would have no hesitation in working for or with Steve again.” July 17, 2009

Steve Rumbelow , Project Manager , Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 

reported to Steve at DTI

“Steve is a totally reliable and dependable consultant. He handled a high pressure project extremely well and showed good leadership qualities. I'd recommended his services to any consultancy and would use him again without hesitation.” June 28, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Richard Netts 

hired Steve as a Business Consultant in 2007


“I worked for Steve for approximately 1 year at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (ex DTI). During that time he was committed to delivering the best quality product he could into the Department - and encouraged me, and the team, to achive the same aim. He is very delivery focussed. He is a very effective team leader (and player) and showed great interest in my development, expanding my work objectives to provide me with more challenging, and therefore satisfactory, areas of work, whilst also increasing my project management skills. Steve encourages freedom in his staff - allowing me to design and develop innovative products that were unique in BERR. His way of working is motivational - you want to go along for the ride - and I would recommend working for Steve to anyone.” July 17, 2007

Steve Ashton , Programme Office Manager , Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 

reported to Steve at DTI


Programme Manager at Companies House

“Steve recruited me to Companies House to help implement the 2006 Companies Act. As Programme Manager he had already established a firm basis for the Programme with all the structure, relevant documentation and all required checks and balances in place. He has an excellent Management style in particular being able to demonstrate the correct amount of supervision and direction to those reporting to him. Those that are competent and confidant in their abilities are allowed to get on with their work without too much interference apart from regular Progress meeting and formal reporting to enable him to monitor progress against agreed plans. Those less confidant are given the support and guidance to enable them to do their jobs to the best of their ability. He is excellent at mentoring Project Managers who are not fully experienced. In summary Steve is one of the most consummate professionals I have worked with in my 35 years experience in the IT and Business communities. I would not hesitate to recommend for any Programme Manager or more senior role that his experince for which he qualifies.” September 25, 2009

Geoff Stephenson , Project manager , Companies House 

reported to Steve at Companies House


“Steve is a highly competent programme manager and a huge asset to any programme of work being undertaken. He is highly proficient in motivating teams, ensuring good quality delivery on time and to budget. He is well respected by all that work with him and I would highly recommend Steve as a Programme Manager to any organisation. Someone who I would jump at the chance to work with again” September 21, 2009

Bethan Davis , Business Analyst , Companies House 

reported to Steve at Companies House


“Steve is a high quality Programme Manager who genuinely made a difference whilst representing AMTech IT Staffing at Companies House. I would class Steve as one of the most effective and professional Programme Managers I have had the fortune work with and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.” July 10, 2007

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Steven Byrne 

hired Steve as a IT Consultant in 2005


Programme Manager at Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA)

“Steve is the consummate Programme & Project Management professional. Working with Steve at VOSA was a real pleasure and a learning experience. For example, a review of a business-critical shared services project that we conducted together was never going to be easy but Steve's excellent preparation, PPM knowledge and team-working made a tough job so much easier. Steve's commitment to success and his ability to work easily with colleagues from varied backgrounds and experience will be a distinct benefit to any client.”July 15, 2009

Ian Stanbury MCQI CQP , Interim Programme & Project Quality Manager , Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) 

worked directly with Steve at Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA)


Programme Manager at Orange

“I worked for Steve for approximately 18 months at BT, Cardiff and later for 1 year at GUS, Worcester. Steve is one of those managers who makes you know he values you while at the same time demanding the highest quality in every deliverable. He does not mince words but is always absolutely fair. His commitment to the quality of the delivered system was an example to the rest of the teams which is why I was delighted to work for him twice. The regular team meetings were real opportunites to discuss technical challenges, opportunities and ideas. His mind is never closed to an innovative approach - but it must be practical and it must work. He doesn't welcolme fuzzy thinking. He himself is highly motivated and communicates that to the entire team so that it's a shared, valued experience. And fun!! I recommend Steve to those thinking of hiring him or working for him.” June 21, 2008

Col Spring , Executive Programme Co-ordinator , Bath & NE Somerset Council 

reported to Steve at BT, Cardiff and GUS, Worcester